Infants/Toddlers Ages 0-5 needed!

    Parents! Learn more about your child’s health by joining the Shape Up! Keiki Study

    The Shape Up! Keiki research study can help you and your kids learn about their health while helping researchers build new technologies to understand the human body.

    Your child’s participation will help us find quick and accessible ways to measure health using body shape. This will help scientists understand how body shape is related to factors like physical strength and heart health.

    What will participants be asked to do?

    A ONE(1) TIME visit to the UH Cancer Center to collect data via:

    • Bone Density Scan
    • Body Shape Measurements
    • Volume Measurements
    • Urine Samples
    • Questionnaire

    What does it cost?


    After the visit, kids and their parents receive copies of their health information at no cost


    Provided for your time

    Who can join?

    To qualify:

    • must be ages 0-5

    Contact to Join Now

    Weekend scheduling available!

    Or call us at:

    (808) 440-5234