Our research includes 3 cohorts for varying stages of life. These are the requirements for each:


    • birth through 5 years old
    • no metal in or on their body that can’t be removed
    • not have any previous major body shape alternating surgeries (ie. metal or medical implants or devices, etc.)


    Currently not open to new participants.


    Currently not open to new participants.


    Adult participants or the parental/guardian unit of minor participants will receive a gift card.

    Participants will receive a gift card upon completion of their visit and a copy of the data collected. Some participants may be eligible to participate in a follow-up visit for an additional gift card.


    One visit will last approximately 2-5 hours. The table below summarizes the procedure for each study. For more info on the tests we perform, click the links:

    Estimated Total Time5 Hours3 Hours2 Hours
    Body Measurements×××
    DXA Scan×××
    Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis×××
    3D Optical Scans×××
    Urine and/or Saliva Samples×  
    Strength Tests ××
    Blood Draw ××
    MRI Scan × 

    For other study sites, please visit their respective websites: