What is 3D optical scanning?

    3D optical scanning is a scanning technology that captures your body scan and automatically extracts circumference and length measurements (ex. Waist, hip, chest, thigh circumferences) across the entire body. 3D optical scan provides a detailed full 3D image of your body and allows users to visualize their body shape. Scans can be compared over time so you can track detailed summaries of your fitness progress. Our lab offers different types of 3d optical scan technology including Fit3D, Size Stream SS20, 3DMD, and Styku.

    How should I prepare for a 3D optical scan?

    In order to achieve the most accurate representation of your body shape, wear form-fitting apparel like single-layer compressions shorts without padding and sports bra (for women).

    What can I expect during the scan?

    Participants will stand in the middle of the scanning area while cameras capture images from every angle. Infants that cannot stand on their own will be placed in a clear crib. The images are combined to create a 3D avatar of the subject.

    The 3D optical scanner takes images of the body to create a 3D avatar.
    Researchers can then clean up the 3D avatar and place it into a more standardized pose to estimate health markers like body circumferences, fat and muscle content.